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The United Federation of Planets has weathered its first major crisis, but its growing pains are just beginning. Admiral Jonathan Archer hopes to bring the diverse inhabitants of the powerful and prosperous Rigel system into the Federation, jump-starting the young nation's growth and stabilizing a key sector of space. Archer and the Federation's top diplomats journey to the planetoid Babel to debate Rigel's admission…but a looming presidential race heats up the idealogical divide within the young nation, jeopardizing the talks and threatening to undo the fragile unity Archer has worked so hard to preserve.
Meanwhile, the sinister Orion Syndicate recruits new allies of its own, seeking to beat the Federation at its own game. Determined to keep Rigel out of the union, they help a hostile Rigelian faction capture sensitive state secrets along with Starfleet hostages, including a young officer with a vital destiny. Captain Malcolm Reed, Captain T'Pol, and their courageous crews must now brave the wonders and dangers of Rigel's many worlds to track down the captives before the system is plunged into all-out war.


The Rigelians are being considered for Federation membership, even though there is still dispute among Federation members over the validity of the organisation. Archer and the Endeavour accompany a delegation from both powers to Babel, where the Federation will debate whether or not to accept Rigel as a member. Meanwhile, the Pioneer is sent to the Rigel system to learn more about their culture.

However, the move is opposed by Garos and the Orions, especially since Rigel joining the Federation will affect the Orions' trade routes. To this end, they invite the First Families, a set of criminal organisations operating throughout the Rigel system, to join them and their allies. While Sam Kirk and Grev are examining the Rigelian archives, they are abducted by Garos' assistant Toric, who had murdered and assumed the identity of Rigelian director Rehlen Vons, and the First Families, who also steal records kept by the Rigelian Trade Commission, which will allow them to blackmail the Rigelian authorities.

Archer spends the night with Rigelian delegate Sedra Hemnask but at the same time an assassin fires on Federation presidential candidate Anlenthoris ch'Vhendreni and Archer is framed. It is eventually revealed that Hemnask has blood ties to the First Families and was coerced into assisting them by threats to her father and half-siblings. However, she had no involvement in the assassination: Her assignment was simply to embarrass Archer by claiming he had seduced her to gain her support while convincing the delegation that Federation membership would provoke war in the Rigelian system. The assassination attempt was arranged by the Mazarites without their allies' permission and, furious that Garos' plan was ruined, the Orions have the Mazarites punished.

The Endeavour and Pioneer crews begin a systematic search for Kirk and Grev. At one possible information site, Mayweather and Sangupta manage to convince an isolated group of Rigelians that the Malurians will betray them and enlist their help. Williams infiltrates a First Families stronghold but is captured after saving a servant girl from being raped. She is taken to Garos where she helps him realise the First Families intend to betray the Malurians and extend their influence. Toric is killed by his supposed allies but Garos escapes and not only gives Williams the necessary information to rescue Kirk and Grev but provides the Trade Commission with information that incites rebellions against the First Families and allows their members to be arrested and prosecuted. The Rigelians are accepted into the Federation.

However, on Sauria things are proceeding less well. Outbreaks of plague in regions with alien miners allow Maltuvis to annex the areas without resistance in exchange for medical help: In reality, the Orions have provided him with both the plague and the cure. Tucker and Federation miner Toni Ruiz manage to steal the cure for the Global League, halting the plague and Maltuvis' expansion, but Maltuvis remains in control of most of the planet's mineral wealth. Tucker is discomforted when Section 31 are not only willing to leave Maltuvis in power so long as he continues to trade with the Federation but threaten Tucker with repercussions if he tries to bring Maltuvis down himself.




Aranthanien ch'RevashAvaranthi sh'RothressAstellet ch'TerrenAnlenthoris ch'Vhendreni
Referenced only 
Lecheb sh'Makesh


TastraTeixh Veurk


AbnettYasmin AchratiLaila AlindoganHaroun al-RashidJonathan ArcherTamara Ann ArouetGannet BrooksMarie ChiangElizabeth CutlerClifton DetzelDanica EricksonYsanne FellHarrisCharlemagne HuaMikhail KamenevPercival KimbridgeTakashi KimuraSamuel Abraham KirkKonicekKuldipIan LegattTherese LiaoJeremy LucasTravis MayweatherKenji MishimaSascha MoneyPedro OrtegaZhi Nu PalmerQaletaquMalcolm ReedMichel RomaineSelina RosenAntonio RuizReynaldo SanguptaHoshi SatoNasrin SloaneFreya StarkRegina TallaricoCharles Tucker IIIThomas VanderbiltMarcus WilliamsValeria WilliamsZircher
Referenced only 
ChenEmory EricksonQuinn EricksonGalileo GalileiErika HernandezIyerPercival LowellMargaret MullinFrancisco de OrellanaRuby




Dular GarosRinorToric


Ibed TarzahEldi Zankor




Dectof CorthocFetrin CorthocVemrin CorthocDamregDenuriGanaiarSedra HemnaskBoda JahletAdren KosparMindlenKishkik SajithenRetifel ThemnosJemer Zehron
Referenced only 
Lovar DlebaKanyorsVoctel ThamnosRehlen Vons


Referenced only 


Rogra jav BaurBrantikBodor chim Grev
Referenced only 
Gora bim Gral


Referenced only 


BievelDashecTobin DaxJofirekPhloxNop TenottEldi Zankor
Referenced only 

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Endeavour (Columbia-class) • Grennex G-7Grennex RK6ECS HarryhausenNamkunNiyilar 17USS Pioneer (Intrepid-class) • shuttlepodSud Qav
Referenced only 
Atlantis (NX-class) • Columbia (NX-class) • Discovery (NX-class) • Enterprise (NX-class) • ECS HorizonRivgorECS Voortrekker


BabelEarth (Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, California) • Iota PegasiKaferiaKandari sectorOrionPsi Serpentis B, Psi SerpentisQhembembem OutpostRigelRigel I (Trojan asteroid field) • Rigel II (Trykar Palace Hotel, Kefvenek) • Rigel III (Hainali BasinJanxor) • Rigel IV (Poustof Hills) • Rigel V (Mount Dleba ObservatoryMount HalanarTregon) • Rigel VI (Ryneh Shipyard) • Rigel VII (Vinaula Mountains) • Rigel VIIIRigel Colony OneSauria (LyakstiBasilic Palace, M'TezirPatorco Harbor, NarpraVeranith) • Verex IIIVoortrekker colony
Referenced only 
AgaronAjilon PrimeAkaali HomeworldAlpha CentauriAlrondAmazon BasinAndorCold Station 12ColombiaCuba (HavanaSanta Clara) • DenebEurasiaFisherman's WharfFloridaGreenlandJamaicaMalur, MaluriaMarsMentharNeutral ZoneNorth AmericaOrelious IXPromelliaQe'tran colonyRamatisRigel IXRigel XRigel Colony TwoRoss 271Sanctuary DistrictSouth AmericaSurakTau Ceti IVVega IXVenezuelaZavijava VZeta Fornacis VI

Races and culturesEdit

AgaronBoslicCoridaniteHumanKlingonLorillianMalurianMazariteOrionRigelian (ChelonJelnaKaylarZami) • SaurianSulibanTellariteTrillVulcanXarantine
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Alpha Centauri merchant marineAndorian EmpireAndorian Imperial GuardAnti-revisionistCentauri FirstCoalition of PlanetsColonial Port AuthorityExecutive Council of the Saurian Global LeagueFederalistsFederation CouncilFirst Families of RigelGlobal LeagueHainalianInterspecies Medical ExchangeKlingon Defense ForceKlingon High CouncilLechebistLyaksti EmpireM'Tezir EmpireM'Tezir Expeditionary Medical CorpsM'Tezir Royal CommandNarpranOrion SyndicatePlanetaristRaldulRigelian Defense ForceRigelian Trade CommissionSection 31Suliban CabalStarfleetTellar Space AdministrationTerra PrimeUESPAUnited EarthUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited Planets of TellarUnited Rigel Worlds and ColoniesVeranith Defense ForceZankor Syndicate
Referenced only 
British East India CompanyBritish EmpireVulcan Science Academy

Science and technologyEdit

ablative ceramic hullcarbon composite hullcarbon-fiber composite hullcarbon-reinforced thermopolymer hullcommunicatordeflectorforce fieldimpulseimpulse manifoldphase cannonphase pistolsensorshield generatorsubspace phase discrimination filtersubspace phase transitionthrustertractor beamtransporter

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralambassadorassistant directorBasileuscaptaincolonelcommanderCouncillorDirectorensignFederation Commissioner of Foreign Affairsfirst officerGovernorHistorianlieutenantlieutenant commanderPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresiderProfessorscience officerserftactical officerVelom

Other referencesEdit

1960s602 ClubArticles of FederationBabel ConferencesBattle of Tau Ceti IVCalrissian chameleoncasinocotcantinacoffeedilithiumduraniumEarth-Romulan WarendosexesexosexesgisjachehglengethypnoidKir'SharaKolinahrkreeyitchMenthar-Promellian WarNarpran rumpevrigRamatis Choral DebatesRedik'sRigelian FeverryetalynsaunaSaurian brandysechjukSurak's AnalectsTower of BabeltukhanthikVenus drugVertian crisisvyun-pa-shanxiangqiXindi incident



This novel covers the period from 19 October 2163 to 18 November 2164.

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