The Tral Katra were an aspect of Vulcan civilization.

They were the secretive keepers of the spirits of the past and resided at the Fal-lan-tral on Vulcan near Mount Seleya. The secrets of Tral Katra were never revealed to offworlders, with many rumors existing about them. Some rumors of them held that the Tral Katra were enormous crystals which held the wisdom of Vulcan's departed while others stories claimed that they were Vulcan priestesses who sat in yearlong meditations as they held the katra of thousands of dead Vulcans.

In 2373, Spock and James T. Kirk journeyed to the Tral Katra in order to make peace with the disturbed katra of Sarek. (TOS novel: Avenger)

The novel does not actually explain what the Tral Katra is, and does not go further into Spock and Kirk's journey to the Tral Katra, leaving it up to the imagination of the reader on what they actually encountered in the cave.

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