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Trebor was a male Trill serving in the Trill Defense Ministry's Defense Command in the 24th century.

During the neo-Purist instigated riots and bombings on Trill in early-October 2376, Trebor was stationed in Leran Manev's security command center below the Senate Tower. When neo-Purist radicals infiltrated the Tower and the safety of Senator Rylen Talris was in question, Trebor accompanied Trill Symbiosis Commission special agent Hiziki Gard into the Tower's east wing to search for him.

Trebor and Gard captured or killed the infiltrators they could find but Trebor sustained an injury to one of his legs. When General Taulin Cyl, Ezri Dax and Julian Bashir discovered that Senator Talris and his symbiont had been killed, Trebor and Gard met up with them. Trebor then waited with the body for a security team to arrive and transfer Talris to the coroner, while Cyl, Dax and Bashir proceded to the Senate offices. (DS9 - Worlds of DS9 novel: Trill: Unjoined)

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