For other uses, see Trelar.

Trelar was a male Bajoran and a member of the Shakaar resistance cell during the Occupation of Bajor. He was quiet man who was regarded as a philosopher by his comrades. Kira Nerys believed he would have been a teacher, a scholar or a priest if he was not fighting the Cardassians.

Early in Kira's life in the Bajoran Resistance, she lifted a dying Cardassian's head up so he could see his killer before she slit his throat. Trelar reprimanded her for this, believing there was no glory in doing what she did. As Kira respected Trelar, she felt ashamed, although she covered this with anger. Trelar later apologised to her by giving her half of his breakfast.

Some time later, Trelar was fatally injured during an attack after being shot in the face. He survived the rest of the day and into the night before pleading for Shakaar Edon to end his suffering. Shakaar took Trelar's hand and did so, telling Kira that the last thing he saw was a friend's face. Trelar was later buried in the shade of a moba tree. Furel was in tears over his friend's death, although Kira was not.

Years later, after Corat Damar's death storming Dominion Headquarters, Kira realised what Shakaar had meant. (DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "Face Value")

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