Trenigar was a male Nausicaan and an associate of the Orion Syndicate, under the command of Ihazs.

By 2379, Trenigar served as the master of the freighter Caedera. Trenigar insisted on keeping the ship warm - going so far as to disintegrate a crewmember who had suggested lowering the temperature on the bridge. Trenigar also insisted on wiping transporter and communications records before entering a port. Trenigar also refused to pay for sound dampening equipment for the ship's engineering section.

In 2379, Nelino Quafina, through Ihazs, contracted the Caedera to ferry shipments of equipment that could be used to build nadion-pulse cannons along with instructions and materials required to modify those cannons to appear Tholian in origin. The price paid to Ihazs was ten thousand bricks of gold pressed latinum, with an additional ten thousand to be paid upon completion of the transfer. The Caedera transported and passed the five shipments to the freighters Cyprus, Damascus, Madrid, Toronto, and Venezia, which eventually delivered the cargo to Tezwa.

After the cargo shipments were captured and the plot discovered by the USS Enterprise-E, the Caedera was scheduled to be scrapped. Although Trenigar initially considered going solo and operating in unaligned space, he knew that the Syndicate would hunt him and his ship down and destroy them anyway. Helm operator and undercover Section 31 operative Erovan M'Rill, under the pretense of discovering a mutiny, lured Trenigar to ship's engineering, where he killed the Captain after having disposed of the entire crew. M'Rill dumped the bodies into space, then abandoned the freighter until it was picked up by the USS Republic. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)