Tret Khevet was a male Cardassian born in either the late-2350s or early-2360s decade of the 24th century. He was the second son of Mikor Khevet and Elinas Khevet. As well as his older brother, Colat Khevet, Tret had three younger sisters. His cousin Penelya Khevet also lived with his family for a while from 2369.


Khevet joined the Cardassian Guard in the 2370s along with his friend Rugal Pa'Dar, and for over two years served on Ogyas III. He attained the rank of dalin and the position of Gul Rantok's first officer while at the Ogyas outpost. Khevet remained in service on Ogyas until the end of the Dominion War, but died after succumbing to injuries sustained during the Jem'Hadar's withdrawal.

Tret's brother perished earlier in service to Cardassia, a death for which Khevet had felt compelled to avenge. (DS9 novel: The Never-Ending Sacrifice)


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