Trevallis was a male Romulan that lived in the 23rd century.


Born at the Uzar'ak Military Outpost 4, Trevallis eventually entered into the Romulan Star Empires exploration divison where he operated onboard a small scout ship that was stationed on the Federation border. Six years ago, he discovered the remains of a site that had belonged to the mysterious ancient species called the Preservers on a previously unexplored planet. Once there, he discovered a stone obelisk that contained unknown symbols on it. Trevallis's findings led to him believing that the inscriptions were actually a chemical formula that led to a new field of technology. Learning of this, he was later given permission to decipher the writings on the stone which he believed was his contribution to the Road to the Stars.

His findings led him to his first failure when a plague virus was created as a result of his project which was accidentally released and brought about the death of half the planetary population. This led to Trevallis being stripped of his rank and position though he was allowed to continue his research through private funding but only on the condition that it was strictly confined to the Triangle Zone. The ex-Centurion was living on borrowed time as he was also infected which meant he was dying as a result of the virus that was released from his first failure giving him only six months to live. (FASA RPG module: Graduation Exercise)

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