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Tri-ox compound is an intravenous medicine which is designed to strengthen the cardiopulmonary system, and is effective in enriching a body of oxygen, and is essential to Humans and humanoids who find themselves in oxygen-poor environments, such as the planet Vulcan. (TOS episode: "Amok Time") Vulcans invented tri-ox to help with pneumonia. (TOS novel: Uhura's Song) It was also used as a treatment for smoke inhalation. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

Tri-ox sometimes had the side effect of provoking hyperactivity in excitable individuals. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Forge)

In 2267, Dr. Leonard McCoy feigned using tri-ox on Captain James T. Kirk, when Kirk engaged Spock during in the kal-if-fee ceremony on Vulcan. (TOS episode: "Amok Time")

Later that year he dosed Kirk with tri-ox and an analgesic to help his CO recover from the knife wound he sustained during Thelev's assassination attempt. (ST novel: Federation)

Cervantes Quinn had some Tri-ox compound in his medkit in 2268. He used it on himself when trying to recover from Hypothermia and Hypoxia. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

In 2371, in the mirror universe, Jean-Luc Picard injected himself with a dose of tri-ox before entering the Sakethan burial mounds on New T'Karath. (TNG novel: Glass Empires: "The Worst of Both Worlds")

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