A troll is a type of Human or humanoid creature often storied in Earth mythology. Trolls originated in the historic myths of Nordic Europe, in which they are considered to be the enemies of gnomes.

History and specificsEdit

When the Federation starship USS Enterprise visited the planet Valerian in the 2270s decade, it found that a Federation colony had been targeted by gnomes, who were turning the colonists into trolls in order to stave off further visits from outsiders. (TOS comic: "There's No Space Like Gnomes'!")

As a slur, people of the Ferengi race have often been referred to as trolls. When disgusted with DaiMon Tog's sexual advances, Lwaxana Troi called him a troll in the year 2366. (TNG episode: "Ménage à Troi", DS9 episodes: "Q-Less", "The Forsaken", "Rules of Acquisition", "Shadowplay", "The Emperor's New Cloak")


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