The Troyval was a Trill medical starship in service during the 2270s decade under the command of Captain Penon.

The ship possessed extensive corridors, a shuttlebay, and a passenger lounge with comfortable chairs and large set of viewports.

In the year 2274, the Troyval was due to rendezvous with the Federation starship Enterprise's shuttlecraft Copernicus to treat an ailing Commissioner Audrid Dax who had been visiting the Starfleet ship. However, the shuttle, commanded by Doctor Christine Chapel and piloted by Commander Spock, was pursued and attacked by an Orion vessel which necessitated a detour. The Troyval rendezvoused with the Starfleet-commandeered Orion vessel two days later and the medical staff successfully treated Dax. (TOS eBook: The More Things Change)

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