Mayor Truffles was a Human Gingerbread man and the leader of the Gingerbread Colony town council in the early 25th century. The mayor also held the rank of ensign. He had a high-pitched voice and wore a tall blue hat. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")


Since 2409, Gingerbread Colony was repeatedly attacked by the Snowmen under their leader, the Snowman Baron. Mayor Truffles took position in front of his house, the sole secure area in the village, and informed the arriving team of Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force and Romulan Republic officers about the situation at hand and that no weaponry except for snowballs and snow guns would work in Gingerbread Colony. Truffles asked the Allies to rescue Gingerbread men and women in peril, and to send them to his house. He also told the team that candies and presents dropped throughout the village by q was free to use. Truffles would frantically announce each rescue of townspeople and the loss of Gingerbread folk to freezing. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")