The Turei homeworld was a class M planet in the Turei system, located in the Markonia sector of the Tekara sector block in the Delta Quadrant. The homeworld was inhabited by the Turei species. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" mission: "Revelations")


In the early 25th century, the Turei homeworld was protected by a planetary defense grid operated by the Turei, and a Voth fleet of ships. The Voth were not permanently stationed at the planet but arrived in times of need.

In the year 2410, the Vaadwaur Supremacy, an enemy an alliance including the Turei defeated in 1484, returned to claim the underspace and attacked the Turei homeworld, emerging from a subspace corridor. Vaadwaur drop ships landed troops on the planet's surface, where the Vaadwaur soldiers disabled the planetary defense grid. That left the planet vulnerable to the massive debris of the Voth starships destroyed in the battle.

The away team of an Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship responded to the homeworld's distress signal and helped Bellas restore the defense grid. Turei, AQA and Voth officers joined forces to repel the Vaadwaur, and the Supremacy ships returned to underspace. Following the battle, the Federation starship USS Voyager arrived to assist the AQA starship. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" mission: "Revelations")


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