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For other uses, see Twilight.

Twilight is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel by David R. George III. It was published in 2002 and was the first novel of the Mission Gamma miniseries.


From the book jacket
The time has come… for a new era of exploration. With the Dominion War behind them, the crew of the USS Defiant journeys through the wormhole as Commander Elias Vaughn leads a "corps of discovery" to blaze new trails into the unexplored reaches of the Gamma Quadrant.
The time has come… for a civilization to reach a crossroads. As political forces throughout the Alpha Quadrant intersect at Deep Space 9 to determine the future of Bajor, the planet's theological unity threatens to shatter. And for Colonel Kira Nerys, the path of the Prophets may become a road to ruin.
The time has come… for a father and daughter to confront their past while a mother and son fight for the future, for lovers to be tested and for friendships to transform, and for worlds on opposite ends of the galaxy to face the dusk… or the dawn.



Leonard James AkaarAleco VelRey AlfonzoAsarem WadeenJulian BashirSam BowersBrestolJohn CandlewoodJeannette ChaoShathrissia zh'CheenCostelloThavanichent th'DaniDax (symbiont)Ezri DaxEivos CalanEnkar SirsyEtana KolVic FontaineFroolSeljin GandresHiziki GardGaviGordimerGrimpHetikJoshuaEdgardo JuarezKira NerysTel Ammanis LentCathy LingAkellen MacetKaitlin MerimarkMirehMornNogNguyenBryanne PermenterQuarkKrissten RichterVindizhei sh'RraazhRo LarenGerda RonessRozahn KatherSelznerJason SenkowskiShakaar EdonShul ToremGrazia SilverioTaran'atarPrynn TenmeiCharivretha zh'ThaneThirishar ch'ThaneT'rbTreirElias VaughnVentuKasidy YatesYevir Linjarin
Referenced only 
Acto ViriBuzz AldrinJonathan ArcherNeil ArmstrongChornaWilliam ClarkMichael CollinsCorat DamarDarhe'elAudrid DaxCurzon DaxJadzia DaxLela DaxTobin DaxSkrain DukatEivos AudjEleenLeif EricsonFlanner PoshGaloren SenElim GarakAlon GhemorTekeny GhemorJohn HarrimanHatram NabirKalena HokuItamis NathJaliaGregory JarvisEdward JellicoKavalMikaela LeishmanMeriwether LewisEthan LockenFerdinand MagellanAamin MarritzaPhillipa MatthiasChrista McAuliffeMcEnteeRonald McNairElaine MelloAlejandro MontenegroMonyodinAlynna NechayevOdoOpaka SulanEllison OnizukaJean-Luc PicardPralonJudith ResnikReydauRionojRomWilliam RossDick ScobeeShetthiusShintralBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoJoseph SiskoMichael J. SmithAnn SpillaneSynta KayanilDemora SuluHikaru SuluRuriko TenmeiAlfred TennysonTora ZiyalUngtaeWalterWinn AdamiWorfZherathrizar


AdarakAlpha QuadrantAshallaAssay officeBajorBrintallDeep Space 9Gamma QuadrantKendra ProvinceOperations centerPromenadeQuark'sReplimatSisko's houseStation commander's officeTorona IVTorona systemVahni systemVahni VahltupaliYolja River
Referenced only 
AlonisAndorBeta VIBerengaria VIIBeta Antares IVB'halaCanopus PlanetCape CanaveralCapellaCardassiaCaves of Mak'alaChin'toka systemDahkur ProvinceDelta QuadrantDernaEarthEndallaEuropa NovaFarius PrimeFerenginarThe FlamesThe ForestHawaiiJeraddoLecelonMuseum of Bajoran History and ArtOmarion NebulaOuter IslandsPacific OceanPentaboPraxisRigelRintannaRomeThe RunnersSindorinSolThe TempleVerilliaWyntara Mas Province

Starships and shuttlecraftEdit

Chaffee (Type-10 shuttlecraft) • USS Defiant (Defiant-class) • USS Euphrates (Danube-class) • USS Gryphon (Akira-class) • Jarada warshipUSS Mjolnir (Norway-class) • Sagan (Type-10 shuttlecraft) • Trager (Galor-class)
Referenced only 
USS Ad AstraApollo 11ArietoChallengerUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EIRW TomedKamalKree-thaiUSS SentinelUSS TamberlaineUSS T'Plana-HathUSS Wellington

Races and culturesEdit

AlonisAndorianBajoranBolianCapellanCardassianFerengiHuman (Europani) • InamuriJem'HadarLurianMatheniteMelkotianOrionRintannanTellariteTrillVahni VahltupaliYridian
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaCardassian UnionDominionOhalavaruStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVedek Assembly
Referenced only 
Bajoran Archeological AuthorityCardassian Liberation FrontCorps of DiscoveryFederation Department of Temporal InvestigationsFoundersOrion SyndicatePromenade Merchants' AssociationStarfleet Corps of EngineersTen Tribes of Capella

Other referencesEdit

ablative armorAdvanced Tactical TrainingalvaAndorian aleApollo 11Argelian sparkling wineArgelian teacakeAscension of the EmissaryAttainderBajor at PeaceBajoran religionbenzocyatizinebicepsBlessed ExchequerBurkhardt's diseaseChristopher Pike Medal of ValorchromiumCity of B'halacloaking devicecompanelconference roomcordrazinecortical stimulatorcrossover bridgedabodabo boydabo girldelactovinedeuteriumDominion WarEmissary of the ProphetsFerengi Rules of AcquisitionFirst Ministerfleet admiralforaigagargoylegarlicgroszhasperatholosuitehonored elderHoudiniIconian gatewayimpulse engineinertial damperisoboraminejebretjevoniteKaferian apple compotekagannerrakaikatterpodkavakava nutketracel-whiteKoltari stewmapa breadMaraltian seev-aleMinister of DefenseMinister of Statemoba jamOccupation of Bajororborb experienceOrb of the EmissaryOrb of MemoryOrb of Prophecy and Changepagh'tem'farpasta fagiolipattern enhancerpooncheenpooncheeneePrentaran interfacePrime Directivepulse phaserpulse phaser cannonpylchykquantum torpedoraktajinorodiniumSaurian brandysergeantshatterframeshelthrethSiege of AR-558Skorrian frittersnail juicespringballstellar cartographysub-nagusSulu shuttle stuntsurfingSymbalene blood burnTarkalean teateertranyatreni cattricorderUlyssesvole fightingwarp enginewarp nacelleWhen the Prophets CriedYridian brandy


Background informationEdit


Related storiesEdit



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Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond
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Rising Son
Chapter 8, Sections 3-4
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A Good Day to Die
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A Good Day to Die
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