Tycho City is the capital city of the Lunar colonies on Luna. The city had a self-contained atmosphere and artificial gravity system that enabled its citizens to live a normal life. (ST movie: Star Trek: First Contact, ST reference: Star Charts)

Dorian Collins was born in Tycho City in the 2350s. After the destruction of the USS Valiant she returned there. (DS9 episode: "Valiant", DS9 short story: "Dorian's Diary")

William Riker visited Tycho City in 2355. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Deny Thy Father)

Alternate universesEdit

In one alternate universe, Elizabeth Cutler lived in Tycho City until her death at age 147 in 2264. (Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel: A Less Perfect Union)

In another alternate universe where the Klingons conquered Earth, Tycho City was destroyed during the invasion. Will Riker was a boy at the time and watched the flashes or explosions of the lunar city being destroyed from Earth. (The Last Generation: No Cure For That)


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