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The Type-6 Shuttlecraft was a small Federation shuttlecraft in operation in the late 24th century.

It was designed as a short-range warpshuttle, being produced at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)


The Type-6 shuttlecraft was introduced into service in the late 2350s and was the standard shuttlecraft design incorporated into many starship classes over the next twenty years including the Galaxy-class, Nebula-class, Intrepid-class, Sovereign-class, Nova-class, and Prometheus-class.

Two Type-6 shuttlecraft were assigned to Deep Space 9, to complement the USS Defiant, the Danube-class runabouts and the work bees. They were stored in the landing pads. (DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

In 2372, Commander Ishmael Snowden outfitted an obsolete Type-6 shuttle with cloaking technology adapted from that used by "Ardra" at Ventax II, in order to convertly advance James Leyton's plans for a Starfleet takeover of the Federation government. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: The Oppressor's Wrong)

In 2374, Dukat stole a Type-6 shuttlecraft he and Benjamin Sisko had earlier used to escape from the USS Honshu. (DS9 episode: "Waltz")

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Type-6 shuttlecraft
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