In alternate realities, Tyrraz was a planet located somewhere in the space of the galaxy, a body that was gutted and reconstructed with technology to be a mobile attack platform.

In one version of reality, Tyrraz was assimilated by the Borg. and became their mobile homeworld in their ongoing attempts to dominate the galaxy. In the 23rd century of this timeline, Tyrraz was tracked by the Imperial Planets as an example of the ongoing threats faced to their expansion. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 2")

The time travel-distortion caused an "evil" variation of reality that was similar in respects to Star Trek's mirror universe, but with elements of DC Comics characters from the Legion of Super-Heroes. In an unaltered version of events, Tyrraz was a mobile planet that was the base of operation for the Legion's foe Tyr in the 30th century.


Borg planets and planetoids
A0101ArehazB2020Borg PrimeC0303D4213E5015F6629G7457H8190J9108K10A1L20B2M30C9N40D8P5115Q6262R7777S10T1T9559TyrrazV3434W0006X6001Y4242Z0001 Borg

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