Watcher Tzudan was a male Uk'lean working at the Preserve on the planet Morassia.

He was one of the three Watchers responsible for handling the second shipment of animals for the Preserve and the person who brought the mistagged Akaana boar to the attention of Doctor Vi Hyunh-Foertsch. He did not go to consultant Iydia because he disliked the latter's methods of "drugging" and "borrowing" animals "in the interests of science". He also could not believe that Iydia allowed for the mistagging in the first place.

He was making his evening rounds he found the other Watchers unconscious next to the sultis reptile cage, he carried them outside and was about to go for help when the generators exploded. After the outages Vi Hyunh-Foertsch accused him, a matter he did not appreciate considering his earlier help.

When the away team of the USS Enterprise-D came to investigate the disappearance of Vi Hyunh-Foertsch he told them that the last time he saw her he told her to go speak to Aramut. According to Tzudan, Aramut and Iydia both used neurotranquilizers to dose the animals and that the "sultis reptile" had to be fed intravenously for days before it woke up right before the accident. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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