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U.S.S. Virginia Class:Soverign (Heavily Modified) Registry:NCC-835192 Commanding Officer: Captain Cassidy Johnson Allegiance: Federation, Later:Section 31, Redemption Fleet.

Early historyEdit

Under the command of Captain Johnson, the Virginia fought on three fronts during the Second Temporal Cold War as forces from Mirror Universes attempted to overthrow his own timeline. During the Battle of New Romulus, the Virginia suffered major damage and was left derelict. Only 16 of the crew survived, Captain Johnson among them, as he was being treated in sickbay at the time of the battle. After 25 years in a medical facility, Captain Cassidy Johnson was returned to active duty as a new war began. Captain Johnson led a salvage team to recover the Virginia and spent 27 months overseeing her retrofit. Among the modification was a new Anti-Proton Spinal Lance and the addition of two inverted nacelles under the already present ones. The hanger bays on the secondary hull were transformed into a hull-long ship-sized hanger. The Virginia was given Two Defiant-class Escorts and a Prometheus-Class that were kept in her hanger. The saucer also was modified with retractable armor plating that cover the 6 Quad Anti-Proton Cannons. The beam array count was Tripled and a second Warp Core was installed. All torpedo complements were replaced with Hellfire torpedoes.

Section 31 and Redemption FleetEdit

After Intervening at the Battle of Nimbus, Captain Johnson was contacted by Fleet Admiral Chynna Janeway and was recruited into a Section 31 Fleet know simply as Redemption Fleet. For 15 years the crew of the Virginia served along side Admiral Janeway until the fleet was disbanded at the end of the war.


Redemption Fleet: IMVU role play group. Captain Cassidy Johnson: Quicksandr26. U.S.S. Virginia: creation of Quicksandr26. Different wars and battles courtesy of Redemption Fleet roleplays.

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