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The USS Atlantis (NCC-72007) was a Federation Starfleet starship that was in service in the 24th century. The Atlantis was commanded by Captain Jana Park.

In 2364, the Atlantis received orders from Admiral Gregory Quinn. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")

In 2372, the Atlantis received a distress call from Starbase 113 after a large explosion at the starbase and proceeded there at maximum warp. The Atlantis also relayed the information to other Starfleet ships that Starbase 113 believed Worf was responsible. (DS9 comic: "Bonds of Honor")



Ships Named Atlantis
United Earth Starfleet Atlantis (NX-05, NX-class) Seal of United Earth United Earth Starfleet Emblem
Federation Starfleet USS Atlantis (NCC-1786)USS Atlantis (NCC-1865, Miranda-class)USS Atlantis (NCC-72007) Ufp-emblem Starfleet Command logo

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