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List of crewpeople who served aboard the USS Aventine.

Senior staffEdit

Engineering personnelEdit

Medical personnelEdit

Operations personnelEdit

Flight control personnelEdit

Security personnelEdit

Sciences personnelEdit

Unnamed personnelEdit

  • Two junior officers, a brown-bearded Tellarite male and an auburn-haired human female were waiting for a turbolift on one of the lower decks of the Aventine; Sam Bowers was wandering the deck and rode the same turbolift, trumping their destinations as a senior Bridge officer. [2]
  • A Benzite ballistics expert and a female human security officer stood guard over the site of the deaths of Yott and Komer while Doctor Tarses took samples; the female accidentally stepped in a blood pool. [2]
  • A female Vulcan paramedic was stationed on the bridge when the ship battled the Hirogen in 2381. She rushed to treat Ensign Rhys, but found him already dead. [1]


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