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The USS Bakker was a 23rd century Federation starship. The Bakker was active in Starfleet service in the 2260s decade, and in 2270 it was docked at Starbase 6 with no crew aboard.

The starbase's commanding officer, Commander Baines, used the Bakker as part of a conspiracy to profit from allowing Klingon criminals sack the base's treasury of Andorian exchange units. After the Klingons took numerous Starfleet personnel hostage, under the ruse of political demands, Baines accompanied the renegade Klingons aboard the vessel with the Andorian money. The conspirators fled towards the Klingon Empire aboard the Bakker.

First Officer Spock, temporary commander of USS Enterprise while Captain James T. Kirk was held prisoner, did not take action against the fleeing Bakker. Spock had found the concept of Klingons taking hostages for political reasons to be somewhat unbelievable, and he took it upon himself to contact a nearby Klingon Defense Force squadron commanded by Kor, son of Rynar. Kor confirmed that the Klingon thieves were not affiliated with the Empire, and led his ships against Bakker, destroying it with volleys of weapons fire from three battle cruisers. (TOS - Unlimited comic: "Action of the Tiger")

USS Bakker docked

The Bakker docked at Starbase 6.