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The USS Copernicus (NX-94441) was a Federation Horizon-class science vessel in service to Starfleet in the early 25th century. The ship was commanded by Captain Laura Cassini. (STO mission: "State of Q")


In 2409, the Copernicus conducted a survey in the Alini system. Admiral D'Vak asked another ship to escort the Copernicus while it was in Borg-controlled space. When the Allies ship arrived, the Copernicus was already under attack by a Borg sphere and Captain Cassini sent a distress signal. When Q (Junior) appeared, he ordered the allied ship to rescue the Copernicus "with feeling", repeating the rescue mission and adding more Borg ships. During the final assault, the Allies faced three Borg cubes. After the Allies crew had completed a time travel mission on Q's behalf, he had them combat a single cube before he instantly repaired all of the Copernicus's damage. (STO mission: "State of Q")



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