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For other uses, see Dauntless.

The USS Dauntless (NX-01-A/NCC-47700) was the prototype starship of the Federation Dauntless-class science vessel. The Dauntless was based on the fake Starfleet ship of the same name constructed by Arturis, a member of Species 116, in 2374 using particle synthesis. (VOY episode: "Hope and Fear")


When Starfleet later returned to the Delta Quadrant as part of Operation Delta Rising, the Dauntless class was revived as a genuine Federation starship. As part of the operation, Starfleet built a real USS Dauntless (NX-01-A) and launched it in 2410. The registry was later amended to NCC-47700. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

In the 26th century, the Dauntless was part of the fleet led by the USS Enterprise-J into the pivotal Battle of Procyon V, against the Sphere Builders and their Temporal Liberation Front allies. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Ragnarok")



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