The USS Dordogne was a Starfleet runabout assigned to the Federation starship USS Enterprise-E in the 2380s.

In October 2385, the Dordogne was officially assigned to transport Doctor Beverly Crusher from the Enterprise to her new assignment as chief medical officer of Deep Space 9 (II). Unoffically however, Crusher led a secret mission to planet Jevalan in the Doltiri star system to meet an old Cardassian friend of hers, Doctor Ilona Daret, who had uncovered disturbing information about President Ishan Anjar. At Jevalan, Crusher and security lieutenants Rennan Konya and Kirsten Cruzen beamed down leaving the Dordogne unmanned in orbit. While they were on the planet, the runabout's computer was remotely hacked by Fredil Pars sending it on a course into the Doltiri star. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)


USS Enterprise-E auxiliary craft
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