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For other uses, see Ekos.

The USS Ekos (NCC-2728) was a Federation starship, a Loknar-class class VII frigate in service to Starfleet in the mid-to-late 23rd century. The Ekos was named after Ekos, a planet of the M43 Alpha star system.

The Ekos was built to Mk I Loknar-class specifications and entered active service around reference stardate 1/9611 (circa the 2250s decade). On stardate 1/9904, the Ekos re-entered active service after a refit to Mk II specifications, which saw the ship equipped as a class VIII starship with increased tonnage and cargo bay capacity, new FWE-2 warp drive and modifications to phaser banks and torpedo launchers to fire FH-5 phasers (with an aft firing arc) and FP-3 torpedoes. The Ekos was later decommissioned around stardate 2/1410. (FASA RPG module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

No circumstances of the end of the ship's service were noted except the stardate the ship was considered "inactive".


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