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This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel.

Crew ManifestEdit

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Abernathy crewman c.2270s[1] 2270s crew sleeve
Abrams, Robert chief petty officer security/engineer/technician c.2260s[2] 2260s ops sleeve
Ackroyd, Donald ensign science officer d.2269[3] 2250s sci sleeve
Adamski lieutenant c.2267[4] 2260s lt
Agbadudu crewman c.2269[5] 2260s lv sleeve
Ahrens crewman c.2270s[1] 2270s crew sleeve
Akrumba lieutenant bridge officer c.2267[6] Yel Lt 2266
al Auriga, Beranardi commander security chief c.2285[7] 2270s-2350 sec cmdr
Alan crewman security c.2269[8] 2260s ops sleeve
Alden, Daniel lieutenant communications officer c.2265[9] 2250s sci officer sleeve
Aledort, Larry c.2275[10] 2270s crew sleeve
Amaar technician c.2273[11] 2270s crew sleeve
Amekentra c.2275[10] 2270s crew sleeve
Ames crewman c.2267[12] 2260s ops sleeve
Amstel ensign science officer c.2269[13] 2250s sci sleeve
Anderson d.2273[14]
Anderson, Jon c.2266[15]
Andres Engineer c.2268[16]
AndrusTaurus Doctor c.2270[17] 2250s sci sleeve
Robert April Captain CO 2243[18]-51[19]
Aragonés, Juan Sergeant Security officer [20] 2270s sec crew
Arbee Lieutenant c.2268[21]
Arex Na Eth Lieutenant Navigator 2269[22]-70[23] Yel Lt 2266
Jenniver Aristeides c.2270[24]
Arrunja, Maximo Alisaunder lieutenant commander Security officer c.2270s-80s[25] 2270s-2350 sec lcdr
Athendë Lieutenant Maintenance c.2275[10]
Atkins, Doris Yeoman c.2267[26]
Austin Crewman c.2270s[1]
Avitts, Candra Lieutenant Science officer c.2267[27] Blu Lt 2266
Azuela Ensign relief Communications officer c.2268[28]
Bailey, David Lieutenant Navigator c.2266[2] Yel Lt 2266
Bardoli security c.2268[29]
Barnhart Crewman d.2266[30]
Barrasso Security c.2275[31]
Barrows,Tonia Yeoman c.2267[32]
Barry, Caitlin lieutenant commander Chief engineer c.2253[33] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Bartholomew Crewman c.2269[5]
Bates, Paul c.2269[34]
Baxter c.2267[35]
Bearclaw, William Ensign Weapons officer 2285[36] 2270s-2350 Eng Ens
Beason, Henry Lieutenant d.2265[37]
Beltre Ensign Security c.2265[37] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Berganza Ensign c.2267[38] 2250s sci sleeve
Bergdahl Lieutenant Lab chief c.2268[39] Blu Lt 2266
Bergstresser, Marta Security [20]
Berkeley Lieutenant Science officer/Transporter operator c.2266[30]
Berry Ensign Cartographer c.2269[13] 2250s sci sleeve
Bhutto Lieutenant Navigator c.2275[31]
Bischoff Crewman c.2270s[1]
Blankhuis, Joes Doctor c.2275[40]
Boggs, Nathan Crewman Security c.2269[41]
Bolek Biologist c.2273[42] 2270s crew sleeve
Boma, Samuel Lieutenant Science officer 2266[43]-67[44] Blu Lt 2266
Borido lieutenant commander Security chief c.2269[8]
Bounds Ensign Security c.2268[8]
Boyce, Phillip lieutenant commander CMO 2246[45] - 64[46] Blu Cmdr 2266
Bradley, Pat Ensign Engineer [20] 2270s ens sleeve
Brand Ensign c.2270s[1] 2270s ens sleeve
Brassard Crewman c.2270s[1]
Brennan Security c.2269[47] 2260s ops sleeve
Michael, Brenner Cadet d.2245[48] 2250s officer sleeve
Brent, Clifford Lieutenant Specialist c.2266[2] Blu Lt 2266
Bretton c.2268[16]
Brownell, Leo Admiral construction chief engineer c.2240s[18] 2250s ops admiral sleeve
Brubaker Ensign relief helmsman c.2270[49] 2250s conn sleeve
Bryce, Nancy Ensign Flight controller c.2285[36] 2270s-2350 Eng Ens
Bryce, Pete lieutenant Security c.2253[33] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Buchanan Commander c.2268[16]
Buchert,Jacob Lieutenant Security c.2260s[50]
Burdock Engineer c.2268[51] 2260s ops sleeve
Burke, Lia lieutenant commander Head nurse c.2276[1]
Burns Ensign Quartermaster c.2267[52]- 2270s cmd ens
Burnstein, Michael Lieutenant Chief Engineer 2254[45]
Calder Lieutenant Operations officer c.2267[53]
Calloway Physicist 2269[54] 2250s sci sleeve
Canfield Crewman c.2270s[1]
Cappa Yeoman c.2267[55]
Carlisle Lieutenant Security d.2267[56]
Carlotti, Gabrielle Head Nurse 2254[19]
Carmen, Philip Medical Techician c.2268[51]
Carver Lieutenant Security c.2269[57]
Castanuela Crewman c.2269[5]
Cayman c.2254[58]
Celaux, Joanna Engineering Technician c.2268[51]
Chang Lieutenant c.2267[6]
Chapel, Christine Commander Assistant CMO c.2265[37]-85[59] 2285 Cmdr Med
Charvat, Andre lieutenant commander Assistant Chief science officer c.2268[8]
Chase, Steve Crewman
Chekov, Pavel Lieutenant Security Chief/Tactical officer 2267[36]-85[59]
Chen Ensign c.2281[60]
Chesterton Crewman c.2268[51]
Cheung, Marietta lieutenant commander Chief navigator c.2264[61]
Ching Security d.2269[62]
th'Clane, Shantherin Security c.2271[63]
Claremont Crewman c.2270s[1]
Cleary, Mike Lieutenant Engineering Technician c.2273[64] 2270s eng lt
Coffey c.2275[31]
Collins, Tom Lieutenant Security [20] 2270s lt sleeve
Colt, J. Mia Yeoman Petty officer/crewman c.2254[65] 2250s ops sleeve
Compton Crewman Security d.2268[66]
Connors Crewman Medical technician c.2266[67]
Cordell Ensign c.2270[68]
Cordova, Juan Ensign Security c.2269[69] 2260s ops sleeve
Cortejo Alvarez, Eduardo Surgeon c.2268[70]
Cortez Ensign Engineer c.2267[38]
Crandall, Ginny Lieutenant c.2275[40]
Crandall, Julia c.2267[71]
Croy Ensign Navigator 2285[25] 2270s-2350 svc trainee ens
Cusack, Dermot Yeoman d.2254[72]
Czyzak Backup Communications officer


D'Amato, Robert Lieutenant Geologist c.2268[73] Blu Lt 2266
Dabisch Communications officer c.2254[45]
Dahai Iohor Naraht Lieutenant c.2275[1]
Darnell, Scott Crewman Security c.2265[30]
Davidson Security d.2275[31]
Davis Crewman c.2266[43]
Davis Engineer c.2267[74]
Davoff, Bish Ensign Security c.2269[8] 2260s ops sleeve
De Broek c.2275[40]
Dean c.2266[75]
Decker, Willard Captain CO c.2273[64] 2270s capt sleeve
Deckert Lieutenant c.2277[76]
Dehner, Elizabeth Psychiatric Doctor c.2265[9] 2250s sci officer sleeve
Dennehy c.2270s[77]
Denton c.2266[78]
Sean DePaul Lieutenant Helmsman/Navigator c.2267[79]
DeRoos Ensign Engineer c.2270[80] 2260s ops sleeve
DeSalle Lieutenant Navigator/Assistant chief engineer c.2267[81]
Dezago Lieutenant Relief communications officer c.2265[82] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Dick Crewman c.2267[6]
Dickinson, Angela Nurse c.2268[3]
DiFalco, Marcella Chief Navigator c.2273[64] 2270s helm cpo
Dixon Engineer c.2268[51] 2260s ops sleeve
Dobius Lieutenant Security c.2273[83]
Domenick Ensign Navigator c.2282[84] 2270s-2350 ens sleeve
Duane Doctor c.2279[84] 2273 Ep Gre
Dyson, Diana Lieutenant Neurologist/Doctor c.2268[70] Blu Lt 2266
Eckert Crewman c.2268[51]
Eisenberg Crewman c.2275[1]
Emigh Lieutenant Security [85]
Endel Lieutenant junior grade Security c.2253[33] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Erickson, Alexander Medical Technician c.2268[51]
Erickson, Ted Lieutenant Historian c.2269[34]
Errgang, Theresa Lieutenant A & A officer c.2268[86]
Everts Ensign Security [50]
Farrell, John Lieutenant Navigator c.2267[87]
Feder Crewman c.2275[1]
Ferris Lieutenant Security [50]
Fields Crewman Security [88] 2260s ops sleeve
Finney, Benjamin lieutenant commander Records officer c.2267[89] Yel Cmdr 2266
Fisher, Edward Geological Technician c.2266[90] 2250s sci sleeve
Fitzgerald c.2268[3]
Florida, Carlos Lieutenant Helmsman c.2246[91]
Flynn, Mandala lieutenant commander Security Chief c.2270[24] 2285 Capt Ep Whi
Follett, Sharon Lieutenant Science officer c.2268[8]
Foster Lieutenant junior grade Electronic specialist c.2285[59] 2270s-2350 ltjg sleeve
Foster c.2266[92]
Fox, Maude Security [20]
Frank, David Ensign relief science officer c.2267[93] 2250s sci sleeve
Franklin Security c.2269[62] 2260s ops sleeve
Fredericks c.2285[94]
Freeman, Jerry Lieutenant Security c.2267[95] Yel Lt 2266
Friedman Security c.2270s[96] 2270s crew sleeve
Frietas, Jorge Yeoman c.2270[97]
Frost Ensign Engineer/Pilot c.2268[8]
Fuller, Sam Crewman Security section chief c.2266[98]
Gabriel Crewman c.2268[16]
Gaetano Lieutenant d.2267[44]
Galaym Engineer c.2275[40]
Galloway Sergeant Security Chief c.2277[96] 2270s crew sleeve
Galloway, Dave Lieutenant Security c.2267[99] Red Lt 2266
Gardner Engineer c.2269[22]
Garrison chief petty officer Communications officer c.2254[65]
Garrovick (II), Stephen Ensign security c.2268[29]
Garvey crewman c.2269[5]
Gilden Ensign Historian c.2270[100]
Giotto, Barry Commander Security Chief c.2267[101] 2270s-2350 sec cmdr
Goldstein Ensign d.2275[31]
Gordon Lieutenant Technician c.2268[27]
Moves-With-Burning-Grace lieutenant commander Chief Engineer 2254[19]-62[102] Red Lt Cmdr 2266
Grant Engineer c.2268[51] 2260s ops sleeve
Green Ensign Helmsman d.2265[30] 2250s conn sleeve
Greene, Karen Yeoman Materials officer c.2267[103] 2250s conn sleeve
Grenni, R Cadet 2285[25]
Griggs Cadet c.2243[48]
Haarv Helmsman c.2279[84]
Hadley, Bill Lieutenant Helmsman/Navigator c.2267[4] Yel Lt 2266
Haley Lieuteant Science officer c.2282[84] 2270s-2350 service lt
Hall, Veronica Communications officer c.2249[104]
Beggs Hansen Lieutenant Helmsman c.2267[89][105]
Hardin, Amoreena Lieutenant Security chief c.2251[106] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Harper Ensign Engineer c.2268[107]
Harris Yeoman c.2266[108]
Hazarstennaj Lieutenant engineer c.2265[61]
Hendorff Ensign Security d.2267[109] 2260s ops sleeve
Hernandez, Octavio Ensign planetary sciences specialist c.2268[8] 2250s sci sleeve
Hevelin Crewman Security c.2268[8] 2260s ops sleeve
Hilg science officer c.2275[40]
Hinch Nurse c.2265[110]
Hixon, Bill Lieutenant Security c.2268[8]
Hoffman, Marshall Captain CO c.2264(alternate reality)[111]
Homeyer, Faith lieutenant commander Physicist c.2267[112]
Hornick Crewman c.2270[113]
Howard Ensign c.2275[31]
Hrdina c.2275[31]
Huff Crewman Security c.2268[8] 2260s ops sleeve
Hunt Crewman c.2266[75] 2260s lv sleeve
Hwavirë Ensign Navigator c.2275[1] 2250s conn sleeve
Ilia Lieutenant Navigator MIA, 2273[64] 2270s cmd lt
Irizarry Doctor/Scientist c.2268[28] 2250s sci sleeve
Ita, Maggie Lieutenant Navigator c.2270[49]
Ivers, Carey Medical Technician c.2268[51]
Ix crewman c.2269[5]
Jackson Lieutenant d.2267[114] Yel Lt 2266
Jaeger, Karl Lieutenant meteorologist/planetologist c.2267[81]
Jagr Security c.2275[31]
Jakorski Crewman d.2267[115]
Jameson, Michael Ensign Security c.2267[116] 2260s ops sleeve
Jamison Security d.2269[117]
Jaramillo Yeoman c.2268[28]
Jeffreys d.2268[3]
Johnson, Bill Ensign c.2268[8] 2260s lv sleeve
Jones Yeoman c.2265[118]
Jordan Ensign c.2267[119]
Josephs Lieutenant Security c.2267[120]
Kaplan Lieutenant Security d.2267[109] Red Lt 2266
Kasatsuki Engineer c.2285[25]
Kellum Lieutenant Security c.2267[6]
Kelly security d.2267[101] 2260s ops sleeve
Kelowitz Lieutenant Tactical aide c.2267[44]
Kelso, Lee Lieutenant Navigator d.2265[9] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Kent c.2266[92]
Kerasus, Janíce Linguist c.2265[10]
Kerby, Sam Ensign Shuttle pilot c.2267[121]
Khalifa c.2270s[1]
Kingcome d.2254[122]
Kirk, George Samuel Sr. Commander XO c.2243[18] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Kirk, James T. Rear Admiral CO 2264[61]-85[59] 2270s-2350 radm sleeve
Konom Ensign Technician c.2285[94] 2270s-2350 Eng Ens
Korren c.2270s[1]
Krejci, Tom c.2270s[1]
Krisp Crewman Doctor c.2266[123]
Kugel Engineer c.2273[64]
Kukar Crewman c.2269[124]
Kulessa Lieutenant c.2266[43]
Kursley lieutenant commander Chief engineer c.2245[125]
Kwan Lieutenant c.2270[49]
Ky,Tran Van Cadet c.2284[126]
Kyle, John Lieutenant Transporter/Assistant chief engineer/helmsman c.2267[127]-2273[14]
Landon, Martha Lieutenant c.2267[109] Red Lt 2266
Lang lieutenant commander Tactical officer c.2267[79] Yel Lt Cmdr 2266
Langsam c.2270s[1]
Latimer, Reese Lieutenant Navigator 2267[44] Yel Lt 2266
Lawton, Tina Yeoman, 3rd class Science division c.2266[98]
Ledoux, Monique Ensign c.2274[84] 2270s helm ens
Lee, Azrieh Helmsman c.2275[1] 2278 flt
Lemieux Ensign assistant security chief c.2275[31]
Lemli, Roger Ensign Engineer/Security c.2268[107]
Lerner, Seth Lieutenant Security c.2270[128]
Leskanich Crewman Security c.2266[129] 2260s ops sleeve
Leslie lieutenant commander Security Chief c.2265[36]-79[84] 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Liftig Lieutenant Nurse c.2275[130] 2273 Lt Ep Gre
Lihwa Ensign c.2270s[1] 2270s ens sleeve
Lindstrom, Christopher Lieutenant Sociologist c.2267[118]-2267[99] 2270s med lt
Litt c.2270s[1]
Livinger d.2269[3]
Loi Sergeant Crewman c.2266[131]
London, Robbie Ensign c.2270s[1] 2270s ens sleeve
Lowrey, Theodore Ensign Science officer c.2268[3]
Lydia Ensign Engineer c.2273[132] 2270s eng ens
Maass, Diane c.2270s[1]
Maass, Donald c.2270s[1]
MacPherson, Alec Assistant Chief Engineer c.2269[133]
Malkson c.2270s[1]
Mallory Lieutenant Security d.2267[109] Red Lt 2266
Manning Security c.2267[134]
Manprasad, Vanani Geologist c.2266[135]
Marple Lieutenant Security d.2267[109] Red Lt 2266
Martin d.2268[3]
Martine, Angela Lieutenant Communications/weapons officer c.2266[88]-69[136] Red Lt 2266
Marvick, Lawrence Engineer d.2268[137]
Masaryk Lieutenant Security c.2267[6]
Mascali Lieutenant Transporter operator c.2270[49]
Mason Scientist c.2268[107] 2250s sci sleeve
Masters, Vanessa Lieutenant Engineer [138]
Mathee c.2284[126]
Mathews, Ethan Crewman Security d.2266[139] 2260s ops sleeve
Matlock, Colin Security Chief c.2270s[1] 2270s crew sleeve
Matson, Larry Lieutenant c.2266[140]
Matthews Security c.2269[117]
Maudie Ensign c.2264[141] 2250s officer jacket
M'Benga, Jabilo Medical officer c.2267[115]-2269[117]
McConel, Heather c.2267[27]
McCoy, Leonard Commander CMO 2265[61]-70[142], 2273[64]-85[59] 2285 Cmdr Med
McGivers, Marla Lieutenant Historian c.2267 2260s ops sleeve
McNair, Teresa c.2270[69] 2260s lv sleeve
Mears Yeoman c.2267[44] 2250s conn sleeve
Mendoza, Angela Lieuteant Technician d.2268[3]
Mendoza, Serigo Security [20]
Merlino c.2277[96] 2270s crew sleeve
M'Gura Crewman d.2267[115]
Michaluk, Kevin Ensign c.2270[68] 2260s lv sleeve
Mitchell, Gary lieutenant commander 2nd officer/Helmsman c.2264[61]-65[9] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Miñambrés Crewman c.2270s[1]
Mohindas, Sita Lieuteant Helmsman c.2254[19] 2250s conn officer sleeve
Montgomery Crewman Security c.2267[103] 2260s ops sleeve
Moody, Wade c.2269[124]
Moore, Mark Crewman c.2268[8] 2260s ops sleeve
Moreau, Marlena Lieutenant Chemist c.2267[143] Blu Lt 2266
Morris c.2270s[1]
Moskowitz, Minnie Yeoman, 3rd class c.2269[5]
Mosley c.2275[1]
M'Ress, Shiboline Lieutenant Communications officer 2269[144]
M'turr sub-lieutenant c.2268[145]
Mueller, Hans Technician c.2269[3]
Mulhall, Ann lieutenant commander astrobiologist c.2268[146] Red Lt Cmdr 2266
Mullen ensign c.2275[31]
Muller Crewman c.2270s[1]
Nakashima, Lex Lieutenant junior cience officer c.2277[76] 2270s lt sleeve
Nano Lieutenant Communications officer c.2254[19] 2250s ops officer sleeve
Nason Engineer c.2269[124] 2260s ops sleeve
N'a'tt'n'a'i c.2251[147]
Nelson Ensign Science officer c.2265[148]
Neon Security c.2270[24]
Niwa Awath-mánë ri d'Hennish enu-ma'Qe Ensign astrocartographer c.2275[10] 2270s ens sleeve alt
Mosi Nizhoni, Mosi Ensign Assistant Tactical/Security Chief c.2273[42]
Nobis Lieutenant Helmsman c.2245[125]
Noel, Helen Lieutenant Psychiatrist c.2266[149] Blu Lt 2266
Norton, Paul lieutenant commander c.2270s[1]
Number One XO c.2254[19]-2264[46]
O'Herlihy Ensign Ordnance officer d.2267[79]
O'Neil Lieutenant Transporter chief c.2257[99]
O'Shea, Tammy Science officer/astrophysicist c.2265[37] 2250s sci officer sleeve
Oranjeboom c.2270s[1]
Orsay, Marie-Therese c.2260s[28] 2260s ops sleeve
Osborne Lieutenant Navigator/security officer c.2267[101] Red Lt 2266
Osik Lieutenant Communications officer c.2270s[150] 2270s helm lt
Osterman, H. Cadet Officer in training d.2245[48] 2250s sci officer sleeve
Padilla Security c.2270s[85]
Paek Ensign Security officer c.2275[31]
Painter Lieutenant Navigator c.2267[151] Yel Lt 2266
Palamas, Carolyn A & A officer lieutenant c.2267[152]-68[153] 2250s sci officer sleeve
Palmer, Elizabeth Lieutenant Communications officer c.2267[103]-69[154] 2273 Lt jg Bei
Parker c.2264[148]
Patten Lieutenant Security Officer c.2268[27]
Paul c. 2286[155]
Pearson Security Guard c. 2277[96]
2270s sec crew
Pearson, Thorvald Lieutenant Stellar Cartography c. 2260s[156]
Perez, Joaquin
Peterson, Sarah
Pike, Christopher
Piper, Mark
Pitcairn, Nils
Poole-April, Sarah
Preston, Peter
Putman, Lisa
Ramirez, J.
Rand, Janice
Randall, Ricky
Rasmussen. Charles
Rayburn, Edward
Raymond, Miriam
Reed, Daniel
Reed, Daniel
Reed, Francis Drake
Remington, Carl
Rigel, Ruth
Riley, Kevin
Riviera, Jason
Roberts, Michelle
Rodriguez, Esteban
Romaine, Mira
Ross, Teresa
Roth, Alma
Samson, Shane
Spirit Claw Sanawey
Scott, Montgomery
Sepopoa, Ann
Shemry, Lana
Sherwood, Elizabeth
Simon, Lorna
Sinclair-Alexander, Margaret
Singh, Hayden
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Beatrice
Soulian, Isaac
Spencer, Keith
St. John, Barry
Stanger, Jonathon
Stiles, John
Styles, Lawrence
Sulu, Hikaru
Sweeney, Dennis
Tail-Kinker to-Ennien
Takahara, Myoki
Tamura, Keiko
Tanka, Frank
Tanzer, Harb
Thompson, Jason
Tomlinson, Robert
Tomson, Ingrit
Tormolen, Joe
Trask, Pandora
Tremain, Katalya
Tuval, Benjamin
Two Feathers
Tyler, José
Uhura, Nyota
th'Valrass, Thelin
van Dreenan, Jo
Van Hansen
Voss, Celeste
Wagner, Bobbi
Walking Bear, Dawson
Washburn, Rick
Watley, Dierdre
Watley, Elaine
Wayne, Bradford
West, Sandra
Williams, Cyron
Williams, Jeff
Wilson, B.
Wodehouse, Lesley
Workman, Jeryy
Ybarra, Rosaly
Zaand, Vaylin




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