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The USS Forrest (NCC-94996) was a Starfleet Gryphon-class patrol escort in service in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


In 2409 the Forrest was part of a task force led by the USS Kirk that engaged and destroyed an Undine Tethys-class dreadnought in orbit of P'Jem after the unmasking of Ambassador Sokketh as a shapeshifted Undine. (STO mission: "Diplomatic Orders")

The Forrest was later assigned to Star Fleet Battle Group Omega in the Gamma Orionis sector block. (STO mission: "Report to Gamma Orionis")



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The Forrest was probably named for United Earth Starfleet Admiral Maxwell Forrest.

In "Diplomatic Orders" the vessel may appear as any class of Federation science vessel NPC, but it is always a Gryphon-class when the player visits Star Fleet Battle Group Omega.


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