The USS Heart of Gold (NCC-42) was a Federation starship in Starfleet service in the 24th century. This ship was in active service in the 2360s decade, under the command of Captain Douglas Adams.

In the year 2364, Heart of Gold was dispatched on a survey mission into Sector 500. Prior to that mission, the vessel received orders from Dent Arthur Dent of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation to avoid certain subsectors. Heart of Gold was also prohibited from using sensor interferometry in a predetermined area. Captain Adams was required to acknowledge this order on subspace com net security code 045, code 100 alpha, to confirm to Fleet Tactical Command that these actions would be taken, allegedly to ensure smooth diplomatic overtures with the Anticans' government. Lieutenant Commander Data's investigation of anomalous orders included a review of this communication. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")

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