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The USS Hypatia (NCC-S415) was a Federation starship, a Capella-class survey vessel in Starfleet service in the 23rd century. In the 2270s decade, the Hypatia was attached to the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations.


In September of the year 2272, the Hypatia was dispatched by Admiral Antonio Delgado to investigate the distress call from Timeship One. The Hypatia found the battered timeship adrift, 5800 AUs from Gliese 229 and towed it back to Warlock Station.

In June 2274, the Hypatia was to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise and survey a Vedala planetoid, but before it reached its destination, both the Constitution-class ship and the planetoid had been replaced with the VHC Muroc via a subspace confluence. En route to the Muroc, the Hypatia picked up Commander Spock from the colony Saavik was staying at.

Spock noted to an alternate reality T'Pring that the Hypatia was named for the philosopher, mathematician and astronomer, Hypatia, from ancient Earth, who was considered a martyr to the cause of science and reason. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)




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According to the book's acknowledgments, the Capella-class survey vessel was based on the vessel created by Masao Okazaki at his Starfleet Museum site,

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