The USS Landry was a starship in service to Starfleet in the 24th century, named for 20th and 21st century NASA engineer Bridget Landry.

As of 2368, the Landry was commanded by Admiral Jameson Tucker, and that year, received an audio transmission from planet Drema IV, leading to that planet's acceptance as a Federation protectorate in early 2369.

Later that year, the Landry was to return to Drema IV for the official commissioning of Drema Station in the Selcundi Drema sector. However, the ship was temporarily delayed by an ion storm. When they eventually arrived, Tucker stepped down as captain to assume command of Drema Station. (SCE eBook: Progress)

Author Terri Osborne reveals the ship's namesake in her acknowledgments, noting her contribution to the Mars Pathfinder mission.

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