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The USS Loma Prieta (NCC-26848-A) was a Federation Ambassador-class starship on active service in the early 25th century. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

History Edit

In 2409 the Loma Prieta served as flagship for Admiral T'nae. When Vulcan came under attack by Romulan forces led by Empress Sela, the Loma Prieta led reinforcements to the besieged world. (STO - "Romulan Mystery" mission: "Empress Sela")

The Loma Prieta also appears in a drydock outside Earth Spacedock, and is visible from ESD's deck.



This section is written
from the Real World
point of view

Cryptic Studios named the Loma Prieta after a Star Trek fan club based in the San Francisco Bay Area whose membership includes at least one Cryptic employee. The club is in turn named for the mountain Loma Prieta, located in California.

The Loma Prieta differs slightly in appearance between the version seen outside Earth Spacedock (top right) and the NPC in "Empress Sela" (bottom right). In the former it is an ordinary Ambassador-class, while in the latter it appears as the Yamaguchi-class variant.


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