For other uses, see USS Majestic.

The USS Majestic was a Federation starship, a destroyer in Starfleet service in the 23rd century.

History and specificationsEdit

Majestic was one of a list of vessels that Lieutenant Piper thought had more sensible names than the USS Star Empire. (TOS - Fortunes of War novel: Dreadnought!)

In the year 2270, the Majestic was one of a small group of starships, including the USS Yorktown, USS Exeter, and USS Hood, that assisted the USS Enterprise in preventing an experimental transwarp engine from falling into the hands of terrorists. Under command of Captain Long, the Majestic went to the Ciatella star system with the three other ships, at the suggestion of Ambassador Ben Shamirian, to rescue Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise. The ships turned the tide of battle with ships of various hostile powers that were seeking to capture the technology aboard Enterprise. (TOS - Fortunes of War novel: Battlestations!)


Appearances and referencesEdit

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