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The USS Masada (NCC-293391) was a Federation starship, a mk VI Ptolemy-class class I transport tug in Starfleet service in the 23rd century. It has a crew compliment of 17 and its primary mission was to tow and repair disabled ships.

Masada's input override code is 293391-197736-3829.

The vessel has an unusually high registry number.


In the 2260s decade, the Masada was under the command of Lieutenant Kevin Keeler.

The Masada was hijacked by Elasi pirates in 2269 while in the Beta Myamid system. The Elasi commander, Cereth ajElasi, held the crew hostage in hopes of exchanging them for the release of Elasi criminals held captive by the Federation. His plans were disrupted by the Starship Enterprise when that ship used the prefix code of the Masada to lower its shields and beam over a boarding party of James T. Kirk, Spock, Dr. Leonard McCoy and Lieutenant Christensen to free the hostages. Kirk gained access to the bridge and was able to convince Cereth and his pirates to stand down. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

It is possible to destroy the ship, if Kirk opts to beam a bomb on the bridge killing everyone and destabilizing its orbit. This is considered a failed scenario.


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