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The USS Mukaikubo was a Federation Galaxy-class starship in service to Starfleet in the 24th century.

In 2371, the Mukaikubo was stationed at Starbase One in reaction to the discovery of a five thousand year-old version of the USS Defiant in the nearby Oort Cloud. She was later sent to Deep Space 9 to support the station after the contemporary Defiant left on a potential one-way trip through the Bajoran wormhole. The Mukaikubo was under the command of Captain Regitz, and was to give interim DS9 commander, Major Kira Nerys, her full cooperation.

Unfortunately, the Mukaikubo fell victim to the Unclean en route to Deep Space 9. Prior to her arrival at the station the Galaxy-class ship had lost her bridge assembly, swaths of secondary hull, and all of her crew to the Unclean. Drifting powerless on a course toward the Bajoran wormhole, the Mukaikubo was saddled with four unshielded reaction masses set to detonate inside the wormhole to further the temporal invasion plans of the Unclean. The Unclean were drawn away from the Mukaikubo however, and defeated without fulfilling their explosive plan. (ST - Invasion! novel: Time's Enemy)

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