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The USS Pasteur was a 23rd century Federation starship, a science vessel. The Pasteur was named for a Human doctor and medical scientist of history, Louis Pasteur.


The Pasteur was commanded by Captain Matthew O'Hara in 2269 when it was destroyed by a high-intensity particle beam. (TOS - Year Four comic: "Issue 6")

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Several successor vessels were named after this ship—two hospital ships, the M'Benga-class USS Pasteur and the Olympic-class USS Pasteur, as well as the Nebula-class USS Pasteur. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual; ST website: The Path to 2409; TNG episode, novelization & comic adaptation: All Good Things...; ST video game: Armada II)



Ships named Pasteur
Ufp-emblem USS Pasteur (23rd century science vessel)USS Pasteur (NCC-10003, M'Benga-class hospital ship)USS Pasteur (Nebula-class)USS Pasteur (NCC-58925, Olympic-class hospital ship) Starfleet Command logo

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