For other uses, see USS Pleiades.

The USS Pleiades (NCC-79052) was a Federation Starfleet starship of an unknown class in operation in the 2360s or 2370s. At some point in its service the Pleiades landed on an icy planet. (ST calendar: Ships of the Line 2008)


The Pleiades was a new class introduced in the Ships of the Line calendar. The designer Mark Rademaker describes it as a New Atlantic-class runabout. Additional images of the class by Rademaker show its modular characteristics: the lower section of the ship is a large module, additionally smaller side modules can be fitted to that, as well as two small module slots on the top of the ship. The Pleiades is shown with the scout module section, fitted with a side long range image sensor and top mounted torpedo and "longbow" sensor modules. [1]

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