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The USS Potemkin was a Constitution-class starship operated by the Federation Starfleet in the 2250s of the alternate reality created by the temporal displacement of the Narada.


The Potemkin was assigned to the Sol Sector during the Varkolak ambassadorial visit in 2256. The Potemkin's Transporter room was one of the "trick" locations Cadet Leonard McCoy used to impress Nadja Luther on their first date. McCoy called in a favor with the Potemkin's chief medical officer Tom Arnet to have Nadja and himself beamed from the Potemkin to the Argos Telescope.

When Starfleet mobilized for engagement against the Varkolak, Cadets James T. Kirk and McCoy were both attached to the Potemkin. After beaming up to the vessel, Kirk was assigned to the weapons room and McCoy was assigned to sickbay. However, neither made it to their post. After learning their assignments, Kirk asked Yeoman Phozic where Nadja Luther was located. Phozic informed them that Luther was MIA. Kirk, with McCoy in tow, determined to track down Luther, made for the shuttle bay in order to steal a shuttle to take them back to Earth to find her.

In the Potemkin shuttle bay, Kirk encountered Mister Leslie, an acquaintance from a few days earlier, serving as acting Deck Officer. Instead of incapacitating Leslie, Kirk talked him into leaving the shuttle bay just long enough for Kirk and McCoy to steal a shuttle. He advised them that Shutttlecraft Indomitable was prepped for take off.

However, not long after taking off, Captain Mitchell contacted the shuttle demanding them to return to stations to avoid being listed as AWOL in a time of war. When Kirk and McCoy failed to comply, the Potemkin opened fire on the shuttle. Despite the pounding the stolen shuttle took from the Potemkin's phaser banks, it was able to land on Earth. The Potemkin then focused on the coming battle with the Varkolak before being ordered to stand down by Spock's Priority One transmission. (ST - SA novel: The Assassination Game)


commanding officer
chief medical officer
transporter chief
cadets assigned to Potekmin during Varkolak incident



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temporal displacement of the Narada.