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The USS Righteous (NCC-42451) was a Federation starship, an Excelsior-class vessel in Starfleet service during the 24th century.


Captain Nikolai Andropov commanded the Righteous from 2359 until the ship's untimely destruction in 2367 at the Battle of Wolf 359.

In the year 2377, Cadet Qaylan Furlong, the son of Righteous crewmember Lieutenant Ralph Furlong, was visited by Q and offered the chance to go back in time to alter history so the Righteous would not be destroyed. Furlong accepted the offer and took the role of Lt. Coris Sprint, the Righteous chief of security, who died several hours before the battle. Furlong successfully prevented the Righteous from being destroyed, and Q transported the Righteous to 2377 to help fight a current Borg attack. (ST video game: Borg)

No clear or definite outcome is mentioned for the USS Righteous, only that they engaged the Borg in 2377 after reappearing from 2367.

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