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The USS Rutledge (NCC-57295) was a Federation starship, a New Orleans-class frigate vessel that was in service to Starfleet in the 24th century.


By the early 2360s decade, the Rutledge was under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell.

In the year 2362, the Rutledge was the first starship to arrive on Setlik III and discovered that Starfleet officers were being attacked and killed by the Cardassians. Thankfully, due to the efforts of enlisted crewman Miles O'Brien and his team, 13 Starfleet officers were rescued. In recognition of O'Brien's efforts, Maxwell made him his tactical officer. However, several Rutledge crewman died during the Setlik III Massacre, including Will Kayden and Raymond Boone. (TNG episode: "The Wounded"; DS9 novelization: Emissary; DS9 episode: "Tribunal")

During the brief Federation-Klingon War of 2373, the Rutledge and the USS Tecumseh led Starfleet forces during a counter-attack on the Archanis sector. (DS9 episode: "Nor the Battle to the Strong")

In an alternate timeline created by a Karg temporal disruptor device, O'Brien was time-shifted and found himself a commander, serving as Maxwell's executive officer, during a firefight with a Galor-class Cardassian vessel, which the Rutledge destroyed. (DS9 comic: "No Time Like the Present")

The exact time period of this alternate reality was not established, but the Rutledge crew wore the Starfleet uniforms of the 2350s that were phased out of service starting in 2366.



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