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For other uses, see USS Salk.

The USS Salk (NCC-761) was a Federation hospital ship starship in Starfleet service in the 23rd century.


In 2270, the Salk was called to Starbase 14 by the Federation starship USS Enterprise following an attack by the Metans on the station, which led to the deaths of 5,000 personnel. Over 70 children rescued by the Enterprise were treated and transported back to Earth by the Salk. (TOS - The Chosen comic: "Blood Enemies")

After the Salk was in service, another hospital ship was eventually named after the ship, the 24th century M'Benga-class USS Salk. This later ship was commissioned in the 2340s decade, around reference stardate 2/8112. The name continued in the 2370s with a later vessel, the Nebula-class USS Salk. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual; ST video game: Armada II)



Ships named USS Salk
Ufp-emblem USS Salk (NCC-761, hospital ship)USS Salk (NCC-10001, M'Benga-class hospital ship)USS Salk (Nebula-class)USS Salk (NCC-58550-B, Olympic-class hospital ship) Starfleet Command logo


The Salk was named for a Human doctor and medical scientist of historyJonas Salk, discoverer of the polio vaccine.

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