For other uses, see Santa Maria.

The USS Santa Maria was a Federation starship operating in the year 2396. The vessel was commanded by Captain Wesley Crusher. The vessel utilized hyperport technology as a form of transportation for it's personnel. That year, the vessel visited Rovan IV where the crew accidentally infected the population with a lethal virus. Crusher sent Pierce back in time to 2366 in order to ensure that an alternate timeline would occur, and the hyperport would never be created and thus save the Rovan people. (TNG comic: "Forbidden Fruit")

Pierce brought with him one of Crusher's Captain's log recordings as evidence of his time travel. (TNG comic: "Forbidden Fruit")


Ships named Santa Maria
United Nations Santa Maria United Nations emblem
Federation Starfleet USS Santa María (Venture-class)USS Santa Maria (2390s) Ufp-emblem Starfleet Command logo

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