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The USS ShiKahr (NCC-91846) was a Federation starship, a ShiKahr-class frigate in service from the 25th to the 28th century. It was the first ship of its class. (STO missions: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", "Time and Tide")


In the year 2409, the ShiKahr, under the command of Captain T'Vana, carried a science team sent to study anomalous asteroids in the Celes Nebula, but could not finish it because the ship experienced power failures. Captain T'Vana requested help from Starfleet to finish the mission. Their support was waylaid by Nausicaan pirates. The pirates left the ShiKahr alone, however. (STO - "Klingon War" mission: "War is Good for Business")

From 2409 to 2410, the ShiKahr was part of numerous skirmishes and battles that involved Federation frigates. (STO video games: Delta Rising, Iconian War, New Dawn)

In 2769, the ShiKahr was part of the Federation forces protecting the Temporal Accords signing ceremony at New Khitomer against Na'kuhl and rogue Krenim Imperium attackers. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Time and Tide")



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