The USS T'pool (NCC-24307) was a Federation starship, a K'Kmarak-class class VI research vessel in Starfleet service in the 23rd century.


While conducting a stellar investigation, the T'pool was engulfed by a stellar explosion covering 1,200 AUs in 20 hours. However, it was fortunate for the all Vulcan crew that during the explosion the ship was caught up in a solar wind of phenomenal proportions, pushing the vessel away from the main thrust of the radiation. Though still flightworthy after all had settled, the T'pool wandered for several weeks until being discovered by the Larson-class destroyer USS Agincourt. The crew was rescued and the T'pool was left adrift, with marker beacons warning any approaching ships to stay away. However, when ships were dispatched to recover the hull, it was nowhere to be found and has not been seen or heard of since. (Stardate Magazine vol. 1 (1984), Issue 2: "K'Kmarak-class")

All the vessels of the K'Kmarak-class were named in honor for early Vulcan scientists and explorers from Federation history, indicating that there is such a person after whom this vessel is named. It isn't immediately clear who this T'pool was or what their contribution to science and/or exploration might have been.