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The USS Valor (NCC-74559) was a Federation starship, a Centaur-class light cruiser/frigate in Starfleet service in the 25th century. In the 2400s decade, the Valor participated in the Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410. (STO - "Klingon War" mission: "Hide and Seek")

History and specificationsEdit

In the year 2409, the Valor discovered an illegal dilithium mining operation, conducted by the Gorn, in the Paulson Nebula. Captain Stefan Marz sent a distress call when the ship sustained damage from attacking Vishap-class frigates. Another Starfleet vessel responded. Marz requested the Starfleet ship to collect dilithium crystals and fight off the attacking Vishap- and Tuatara-class squadrons. Once the Valor was spaceworthy again, Marz had the ship set a course for Starbase 157 for full repairs and directed the other Starfleet ship to more Gorn activity in the nearby Lackey star system. (STO - "Klingon War" mission: "Hide and Seek")




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