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For other uses, see Venture.

The USS Venture (NCC-71854-A) was a Starfleet Venture-class cruiser in service in the 2400s. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


The Venture was the lead vessel of the Venture-class variant of the Galaxy-class starship. She was named for the USS Venture (NCC-71854), a vessel that served with distinction in the Dominion War. (ST video game: Star Trek Online [shipyard description])

In 2409 the Venture was part of a joint Starfleet/KDF/RRF task force under the overall command of Rear Admiral Tuvok that entered fluidic space from the Kuda system. Midway through the mission the vessel stopped to investigate a Borg interplexing beacon with Tuvok's approval.

The ship was then set upon by Borg ships and sent a distress signal to the rest of the force. All that was recovered was a group of escape pods. Dr. Eric Cooper explained that Undine forces had first destroyed the Borg, then destroyed the Venture. Captain Rebecca Simmons was missing and presumed dead. (STO mission: "Fluid Dynamics")



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