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This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet/former Maquis personnel assigned to the USS Voyager.

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Voyager personnel.

Crew ManifestEdit

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Anderson, Lydia crewman engineer/security officer 2371[1]77[2] Yel 2371
Andrews lieutenant security officer 2371[3]77[4] Yel Lt 2371
Arkinson lieutenant 237177[5]
Ashmore ensign engineer 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Ayala lieutenant junior grade (provisional) security/flight controller 237177 Red Lt jg prov 2371
Ballard, Lyndsay ensign engineer d. 2374 Yel Ens 2371
Bartlett, J.
Baxter, Walter lieutenant 237177 Yel Lt 2371
Baytart, Pablo ensign 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Bendera, Kurt crewman engineer d. 2372 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Bennet ensign d. 2372 Yel Ens 2371
Berman, Rick commander
Biddle crewman 237177 Yel 2371
Biessman, Kendrick crewman hazard team heavy weapon specialist d. 2376 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Blackman, Bob lieutenant commander
Blain ensign
Bono, Jerry lieutenant
Boylan crewman 237177 Red 2371
Braga, Brannon commander
Bristow, Freddy lieutenant 237177
Bronowski, Doug ensign 237177 Red Ens 2371
Brooks ensign 237177 Red Ens 2371
Brownfield, Dick lieutenant commander
Cabot, Zayra
Canamar, Valerie
Carey, Joseph M. lieutenant assistant chief engineer d. 2377 Yel Lt 2371
Carlson 237177
Cavit, Aaron lieutenant commander First officer d. 2371 Red Lt Cmdr 2371
Chakotay captain CO 237181, 2381- 2370s cmd capt
Chamberlin, Mandy lieutenant
Chang, Austin ensign Hazard Team demolitionist 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Chapman, William lieutenant structural engineer 237177 Yel Lt 2371
Charnock, Ed, Jr.
Chattaway, Jay
Chell ensign Hazard Team Field Technician 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Joe Chess lieutenant
Chichester, John
Christenberry, Ian
Chronister, Richard lieutenant
Codron, Art
Craig, Claudia
Csatlos, Mitch crewman Hazard Team Scout 237177 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Culhane ensign conn/tactical officer 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Curry, Dan crewman
D'Angelo, Dick lieutenant
Dalby, Kenneth crewman engineer 237177 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Darwin, Frank crewman engineer d. 2372 Yel 2371
De La Garza, Bob
De Moraes, Lisa
Dean, Doug lieutenant commander
Delaney, Jenny stellar cartography 237177 Blu 2371
Delaney, Megan stellar cartography 237177 Blu 2371
Dell crewman 237177 Yel 2371
DeMeritt, Michael ensign
Doctor chief medical officer 237177] Blu 2371
Dorado 237177 Yel 2371
Doyle 237177 Blu 2371
Durst, Peter lieutenant d. 2371 Yel Lt 2371
Eden, Afsarah captain CO d. 2381 2370s cmd capt
Emmanuel crewman 237177 Yel 2371
Farley ensign 237177
Fernandez, Kristine lieutenant
Fitzgerald lieutenant commander CMO d. 2371 Blu Lt Cmdr 2371
Fitzpatrick crewman 237177 Red 2371
Fleck, Jerry ensign
Foster crewman 237177
Foster, Lester lieutenant Hazard Team Leader Red Lt 2371
Fukai, Arlene ensign
Gallagher ensign 237177
Gennaro crewman 237177
Gerron Ral crewman 237177 2366 sci enlisted (alt provisional)
Genovese, Cosmo lieutenant planetary geosciences division 237177
Gibson, Patrick crewman 237177
Gilmore, Marla crewman engineer c. 237677 Yel 2371
Gocke, Bill lieutenant
Golwat ensign 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Grimes crewman 237177 Red 2371
Hamilton 237177
Hargrove lieutenant 237177
Harper ensign 237177
Harren, Mortimer crewman 237177 Yel 2371
Henard engineer 237177 Yel 2371
Henley, Mariah crewman 237177 2366 cmd enlisted (alt provisional)
Hickman ensign Astrophysics 237177
Hogan ensign d. 2373 Yel Ens prov 2371
Honigsberg, Alexander lieutenant chief engineer d. 2371 Yel Lt 2371
Howard, Merri lieutenant commander
Jaworski, Michael crewman Hazard Team Scout 237177 Yel 2371
Jackson crewman 237177
Jacobson, Phillip lieutenant
Kathryn Janeway captain CO 237177 Red Capt 2371
Jurot, Juliet ensign Hazard Team Field Medic 237177 Blu Ens 2371
Jarvin 237177 Yel 2371
Jarvis crewman 237177 Yel 2371
Jenkins ensign Helmsman 237177 Red Ens 2371
Jetal, Ahni ensign Pilot d. 2373 Yel Ens 2371
Michael Jonas crewman engineer d. 2372 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Jones crewman 237177
Jor crewman engineer 237177 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Kaplan ensign 237177
Kaplan, Marie ensign Pilot d. 2373 Yel Ens 2371
Kim, Harry S.L. Lieutentant security chief/tactical officer c.2371 Yel Lt 2373
Kyoto ensign 237177
Lang ensign Security officer 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Laird, Elizabeth crewman Hazard Team scout 237177 Red 2371
Lang, Timothy Technician Security officer d. 2377 Yel 2371
Larson crewman 237177 Yel 2371
Lauritson, Peter lieutenant commander
Lathrop, Kenn crewman Hazard Team Intel and Operations d. 2376 2366 sci enlisted (alt provisional)
Lessing, Noah crewman c. 237677 Blu 2371
Lewis crewman 237177
Livingston, David lieutenant commander
Longo, Joe lieutenant
Lowry-Johnson, Junie
Lyman, J.
MacAlister ensign 237177
Macormak ensign 237177
Madalone, Dennis
Mannus ensign 237177
Martin ensign Transporter Operator d. 2373 Yel Ens 2371
Mayer, Michael
McCarthy, Dennis
McGarry, L.
McKenzie, William crewman engineer 237177 Yel 2371
McMann crewman 237177
Mees, James lieutenant commander
Mendez crewman 237177 Yel 2371
Mitchell crewman junction operator 237177 Blu 2371
Molina ensign Security 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Moore, Tom lieutenant
Moore, Tom
Morrow, James crewman c. 237677 Blu 2371
Mulcahey ensign 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Munro, Alexander lieutenant Hazard Team 237177 Red Lt 2371
Murphy ensign Science division officer 237177 Blu Ens 2371
Murphy ensign Security officer 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Murphy, Telsia ensign Hazard Team Scout/Sniper 237177 Red Ens 2371
Nelson, Jeffrey crewman Hazard Team Weapons Specialist 237177 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Nesterowicz, John ensign
Nesterowicz, John lieutenant 237177
Nicoletti, Susan lieutenant engineer 237177 Yel Lt 2371
Nozawa, Kashimuro ensign Transporter Operator 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Odell, Thomas ensign Hazard Team Scout 237177 Yel Ens 2371
O'Donnell 237177
Orlando, David 237177
Overdiek, Diane lieutenant
Oviedo, Perfecto crewman Hazard Team Quartermaster 237177 Yel 2371
Paris, Thomas Eugene lieutenant commander XO 237177, 2378- 2370s cmd ltcmdr
Parsons, Michael ensign 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Peets, Bill lieutenant 237177
Peterson, Sandra 237177
Piller, Michael lieutenant commander
Platt, Jerry 237177
Porter, Amanda 237177
Quizzlink, Charlie 237177
Rand, Josh lieutenant Security officer 237177 Yel Lt 2371
Reynolds, Tony 237177
Robertson 237177
Rockefeller, Keith 237177
Rogers 237177
Rollins lieutenant 237177 Yel Lt 2371
Rosa, George 237177
Rossi, David 237177
Rush, Marvin lieuenant/lieutenant commander 237177
Russell lieuenant 237177 Red Lt 2371
Ryson ensign 237177
Schoolcraft, John 237177
Seaborn, S. 237177
Sena, Sandra 237177
Seska ensign engineer 2371 Yel Ens prov 2371
Seven of Nine c. 237477
Sharr, Renlay ensign 237177 Red Ens 2371
Shimizu, Suzi lieutenant 237177
Simmons, Adele ensign/lieutenant 237177
Sims, Alan lieutenant 237177
Smutko, Alex lieutenant 237177
Sofin, Brian crewman c. 237677 Yel 2371
Speckman, Gary 237177
Stadi, Veronica lieutenant Helmsman d. 2371 Red Lt 2371
Sternbach, Rick 237177
Stimson, Mark lieutenant 237177
Stipes, David 237177
Stradling, Michael 237177
Strickler ensign engineer 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Suder, Lon crewman engineer 237173 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Surma, Ron 237177
Swift 237177
Swinn ensign engineer 237177 Yel Ens 2371
Tabor ensign engineer 237177 Yel Ens prov 2371
Tal Celes crewman Sensor analyst 237177 Yel 2371
Tassoni, Angelo c. 237677 Yel 2371
Taylor, Jeri 237177
Telfer, William crewman 237177 Blu 2371
Thompson crewman security 237177 Yel 2371
Thoms, Bill 237177
Thorpe, Jim 237177
Torres, B'Elanna lieutenant, junior grade 237177 Yel Lt jg prov 2371
Trumari 237177
Tuvix lieutenant chief of security/tactical officer d. 2372 Yel Lt 2371
Tuvok lieutenant commander chief of security/tactical officer 237177 Yel Lt Cmdr 2371
U'Lanai 237177
Vorik lieutenant chief engineer 237181 Yel Lt 2373
Weiss lieutenant 237177
White 237177 Blu 2371
Wildman, Samantha ensign xenobiologist 237177 Blu Ens 2371
Yacobian, Brad 237177
Yosa crewman engineer 237177 2366 ops enlisted (alt provisional)
Young, Charles 237177
Ziegler, T. 237177


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