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For other uses, see Yeager.

The USS Yeager was a Federation starship in Starfleet service in the 24th century. This ship was in active service in the 2330s decade. In the year 2334, Yeager encountered a warship of the Ubarrak Primacy near Turion Prime. The Yeager "barely survived" the experience. (STA novel: Oblivion)

This is one of a number of ships to be so named, succeeding the earlier Earth Starfleet USS Yeager and followed by another Saber-class USS Yeager by 2373. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing; TNG movie: First Contact)


Ships named Yeager
United Earth Starfleet USS Yeager (NCC-76, Daedalus-class) Seal of United Earth United Earth Starfleet Emblem
Federation Starfleet starships: USS Yeager (2330s)USS Yeager (NCC-61947, Saber-class)USS Yeager (NCC-65674, light cruiser)small craft: Shuttlecraft Yeager Starfleet Command logo

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