USS Yukon (NCC-74602) was a Danube-class runabout attached to Federation starbase Deep Space 9 in the early 2370s.

Major Kira Nerys and Chief Miles O'Brien were aboard the Yukon in 2372 when they discovered a cloaked Klingon mine near the Bajor system. (DS9 episode: "Sons of Mogh")

In 2373, a Changeling impersonating Doctor Julian Bashir stole the Yukon, intending to use it to explode the Bajoran sun, destroying a combined Alpha Quadrant defensive fleet gathered at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole. The Yukon was tractored away from the sun prior to detonation by the USS Defiant, destroying the ship and the Changeling. (DS9 episode: "By Inferno's Light")

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