The USS Zabathu (AGC-11-09) was a Ilthirin-class courier ship in service of the Federation Starfleet in the 22nd century. She was named after an animal native to Andor.

Service history and specificationsEdit

By the year 2165, the Zabathu was under the command of Commander Finirath ch'Mezret. In April of that year, Zabathu was assigned to Captain Malcolm Reed's task force that went into Ware territory. Her job, along with the courier USS Tashmaji, to provide support for the USS Pioneer, while she conducted her investigations and the task force remained on the edge of the sector.

In June, the Zabathu was in orbit of the planet Vanot, she was tasked with supporting Lieutenant Commander Travis Mayweather's away team investigating Ware facilities on the planet. The away team was captured by a local businessman, Daskel Vabion, and forced them to take him to the source of the Ware. Maywearther ordered ch'Mezret to take them to the Ware hub complex. On the way there, a Ware command ship intercepted and disabled the Zabathu and beamed over everyone from the ship. The fate of Zabathu is unknown. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)



In his annotations for "Uncertain Logic", author Christopher L. Bennett gives the registry number for the USS Zabathu as "AGC-11-09", which was later confirmed in Live by the Code.

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