Ulrika's Hope was a civilian freighter owned and operated by brothers Aldo and Giancarlo Corsi in the mid 24th century. Ulrika's Hope had a crew of eight, and made regular cargo runs to several border worlds between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union. As such, it was generally trusted by Cardassian patrols and allowed to pass unmolested.

In 2355, Lieutenant Commander William Ross of Starfleet Intelligence requested use of Ulrika's Hope in order to conduct covert surveillance on Cardassian activities in the Topin system. The scans were detected by Gul Mogad in the Saltok system, who intercepted and boarded the vessel. Following a firefight, during which Giancarlo Corsi was killed, Aldo offered to turn over the surveillance equipment for his ship's release.

Shortly thereafter, Corsi was forced to sell Ulrika's Hope, largely due to increasing hostilities along the border, though Corsi believed Starfleet wanted retribution against him for turning over their equipment.

Ulrika's Hope was named for Aldo's wife, Ulrika Corsi. (SCE eBook: Home Fires)


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